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Aalborg Engineering received in 2013 orders for delivering a boiler plant to the Russian company Acron, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fertilizer, in connection with the construction of a new ammonia production in Novogorod


Aalborg Engineering sought assistance to the preparation of tender documents for sub suppliers, selection and purchase of correct components according to the project specification and applicable legal requirements for safety and construction of pressure equipment.


The task

Adding contributed with the case handling of most mechanical components, such as:

  • Stop and regulating valves

  • Desuperheatere

  • Feed water valves

  • Water separators and non-return valves

  • Air and steam vents

  • Safety valves and start-up valves with silencers

  • Steam-Air preheaters

  • Water level gauge

  • Feed water pumps

  • DeNox unit (NH3)

  • Catalyst for DeNox plant

  • Combustion air blower with combined steam turbine / electric motor drive

  • Gas burners with gas racks


Requirements for component documentation for exports to Russia

In addition to the case handling of mechanical components, Adding was asked to assist with the collection and preparation of the important documents, in corporation with a Belarusian consulting firm to secure that the boiler system had the necessary documentation for export of industrial equipment to Russia.

  • GOST R certificate

  • TR Certificate

  • Technical passport

  • Pattern approval



Management of shipping documents in connection with the packing and marking of components for export to Russia was also performed by Adding.



About the plant:

+ Boiler type: Aalborg Engineering SteamGen 4

+ Performance: 140 ton steam/hour

+ Boiler pressure: 105 bar

+ Steam temperature: 505 degrees

+ Total shipment of all boiler parts, steel, mechanical components etc. to the customer


Contact person at Adding:

John Sloth

+ 45 2121 4649 /

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