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With offices in Aalborg, Ballerup and Vejle, Adding Engineering is a nationwide engineering firm with a particular focus on green transition. We undertake electrical, mechanical, and process engineering tasks, as well as project management, specializing in production, process, and energy engineering at all levels.


Our dedicated team of employees consists of experienced engineers, machinists, and technicians who handle a wide range of tasks, from overall project management to detailed engineering, technical procurement, and commissioning. The work is always carried out in close collaboration with our clients, and most often, we become an integral part of the client's organization during the project execution.


The name "Adding" says it all, as it is the English present tense of "to add." We consider ourselves an additional value-creating resource that companies can utilize when the regular staff needs supplementation or when specialized knowledge is required to meet a particular challenge.



Read some of our cases here. We have completed projects and tasks in various industries. Perhaps we can also assist you with a project?


The key to success lies in the skills of our employees, who are the reason we can deliver quality to our clients. Meet them all here.


We emphasize helping our clients by contributing professionally and ethically to their projects. Therefore, we always work based on our mission and vision.


Our expertise lies in engineering, project management and documentation, and we offer customer-specific services. Learn more about them here.


Check out available positions here. We are always interested in hearing from candidates seeking a varied and challenging everyday life that makes a difference.


Our newsletter is released 3-4 times a year. Sign up here if you want to receive knowledge, tips, and industry-relevant news.


If you have a desire to streamline your existing product range or want a more growth-oriented approach, Adding Engineering can help you get there. Watch the video and hear our Simplimize expert, Bendix Lehmann's, valuable advice.

Ole Mogensen from Aalborg Portland speaks about the collaboration with Adding Engineering: "Over the years, we have worked together on several projects"

Every project needs clear and competent project management. Adding Engineering ensures overview and focus throughout the project, ensuring that goals are achieved on time, and any corrective measures can be implemented in due course.

 Watch the video where employee and Project Manager Kristoffer Stampe talks about working at Adding Engineering, emphasizing the learning environment filled with exciting tasks and challenges.


Råd & Vid

We continuously contribute to green transition and many other exciting projects in areas such as process, electrical, and mechanical construction.

Learn more here.


Everyone knows a horror story about an ERP project gone awry. But it doesn't have to be that way. Read our five tips for a successful ERP project here.


CE marking can be a costly process, consuming many internal resources. Read our six tips for a successful CE marking.


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