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Often it is the logistics that determine whether a company is successful or not. We can help provide an overview and optimize the associated processes.

Adding has many years of experience from many different industries, in which we have carried out projects that have included:

  • Mapping of the logistics chain

  • Optimization of internal processes

  • Improvement of lead times

  • Interior design and automation of inventory

  • Specification of product flow and associated data management

  • Data exchange between different systems in the logistics chain

  • Optimization of shipping 

  • Picking and sorting solutions

  • Automatic palletizing and packaging

  • Driverless trucks

  • RFID and barcode solutions


Adding develops and ensures the future of your logistics

We ensure that the goods quickly and accurately go through your company and your systems will support all processes - also when something is urgent or when something goes wrong.


Independent partner

Adding's employees have many years of experience with logistics solutions and know the different solutions' strengths and weaknesses. A supplier always likes to sell his particular product, while we are your independent partner, who is not required to sell a particular solution. Regardless of whether our calculations show that the production should continue unchanged, should be outsourced, automated or abandoned, you will get a measured and documented answer from us.

References: Logistics

Explore which projects we have been working on within logistics. Click each case to read more.

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Logistics and warehousing
Salling Group

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