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The employees at Adding have worked within the boiler industry for many years and have built up extensive experience and specialized knowledge of the design, specification, procurement and handling of various types of burner systems. 

This applies to complex multi fuel register burners, but also to more simple grid burners for natural gas for conventional fired boilers, as well as heat recovery boilers with the option for supplementary and fresh air firing. 

This of course also applies to start-up and supplementary burners for biomass fired boilers. Burners are normally designed to EN 12952-B and EN 746-2 or NFPA 85.

Typical scope of supply can be:

  • Burners

  • Gas and oil trains (double block and bleed, venting, flow control, flow measurement)

  • Pressure reducing stations

  • Piping between gas and oil trains and burners

Burner Management System, BMS

Adding has worked with most of the burner suppliers on the market and knows how they act as supplier, as well as what their products can do, especially with regards to the achievable emission levels.

Adding has the specialist knowledge to critically assess supplier's products as well as how to order these to meet any contractual requirements, standards and performance.


Tak for din besked!

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