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The employees at Adding have worked within the boiler industry for many years and have built up extensive experience and specialized knowledge of virtually all disciplines in boiler plants. This includes project management, process optimization, development, design, construction, procurement and follow up on suppliers, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of steam boilers and associated auxiliary equipment. 

Adding has experience with boiler plants for biomass, oil and gas, as well as heat recovery boilers with or without burners for supplementary/fresh air firing after gas turbines, gas engines and diesel engines. 

The boiler plants are usually designed to supply high pressure steam to the process industry and power/heat production. The boilers are normally designed according to EN standards and PED 2016/68/EU.

Typical scope of supply can be:

  • Boiler pressure part

  • Stop valves, safety valves, control valves, steam traps, water level gauges

  • Deaerator/feedwater tank, condensator preheater, feedwater pumps

  • Burner systems for heavy fuel oil, diesel oil, natural gas, process gasses, incl. gas train and BMS

  • Pipe systems

  • Chimney

  • Air/flue gas ducts and fans, expansion bellows

  • Soot blowers, ball cleaning systems

  • Flue gas filter (bag or electrostatic precipitators)

  • DeNox systems (SCR and SNCR)

  • Gas turbine exhaust gas bypass system for heat recovery steam generators

  • Steel structures and access ways

  • Mechanical and pneumatic conveyor systems for coal dust, biomass fuels, fly ash and slag

  • Instrumentation, electric heat tracing, cable ways, signal/power cables, control systems

  • Flue gas emissions monitoring system (CEMS)


Adding can assist with full or partial design of boilers and auxiliary equipment, incl. 2D and 3D design and engineering in Autodesk Inventor, as well as 3D design of plant general arrangements and piping systems in Autodesk Plant 3D. 

Adding can assist in correct design, preparation and review of process and instrumentation diagrams.


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