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Any project needs clear and competent project management. Adding ensures an overview and focus throughout the project, so that the objectives are achieved on time and any corrective measures can be implemented in a timely matter.

Adding guarantees you a good project

No projects are the same, but the basis for success is always laid in the planning stages. Clear success criteria, logical milestones and a clear distribution of tasks will ensure a good start to the project. Adding's longtime experience with large and small projects within many different industries is a great guarantee for good planning and a good start.

During the project it is important to follow-up on milestones and agreements and continuous monitoring of the project's finances, which is done with attention to details and respect for the professional competencies. Before the end of the project, it must be assured that all tasks are fulfilled, so it will be completed to everyone's satisfaction. The best way to do so, is to make a well-executed project.

Adding manage both full- and part-time projects

We both carry out internal and external projects, and it can be as a project manager for the parent project, a sub-project or as assistant to the project manager, where specific tasks are performed. We are often in close contact with the end customer and subcontractors and take pride in building good relations on behalf of our customer, because a great collaboration ensures the best results.

We always make agreements on the framework in advance with close contact along the way. Most often we slip into a customer's organization unnoticed and acts competent and loyal to attend our customers interests.


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