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We design systems, machines or products in close cooperation with our customers, and we would like to be involved right from the start so that our experience within the idea generation and concept development can contribute to the optimal solution. 

Adding keeps the design at the right level

Innovative and unique solutions is our characteristic, but we do not reinvent the wheel for fun's sake. An extensive use of standard components often improves the end product's quality and reliability, as it lowers costs. A properly designed construction with the right choices of components at the right price requires experience and craftmanship, which are the qualities we find most important. 

Adding is the extra hand at your location or remotely

Our mechanical engineers often work at our customers, but we also like taking task "back home". The most important is that our customers always are able to keep up with our work so that we can deliver an end product, which corresponds to our customer’s expectations - or a little above. We can work in your favorite CAD-program, e.g.:

  • SolidWorks

  • Inventor

  • AutoCAD


We can provide the necessary calculations and approvals, as well as producing the documentation according to the required standards. 


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