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We design control systems that ensure an optimal performance of our customer's systems and machines.

Adding keeps the control systems at the right level

We have long experience in the following areas:

  • Control of boiler and process plants

  • Control of burners

  • Process instrumentation, including water and flue gas analysis (CEMS)

  • Robotic systems

  • Special machines

  • Conveyor systems

  • Production systems


We are able to help all the way, right from the initial ideas to the final commissioning and hand over to client.


Adding is the extra hand at your location or remote

Our automation engineers often work at our customers, but we also like taking work "back home". The most important is that our customers always can keep up with our work so that we can deliver a product, which corresponds to our customer’s expectations - or a little above.

We can work in the most common programs and provide the necessary calculations and approvals, as well as producing the documentation according to the required standards.


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