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Adding has years of experience with maintenance of technical equipment, from small components to large process plants, within several industries. With our practical background we can spot the recipient/customer’s needs and put the customer’s maintenance into system with a simple structure and easy and understandable language.

Adding puts the maintenance into system

Adding helps increase the productivity, by making an overview of the plants components, streamline maintenance, and reduce human errors. With starting point in your operating staff, the original instruction manuals, legislation and our experience, we collect the data and put them in manageable documents and adjacent filling structure, as:

  • Overall component lists

  • Maintenance schedule with maintenance frequency

  • Uniform and detailed job cards

  • System for reporting of errors and job history

  • Spare part lists with warehouse location

  • File structure with datasheets, user manuals and maintenance documentation from the individual suppliers


Adding implements digital maintenance management

Adding can help with implementing a digital maintenance management system to secure an effective planning of maintenance tasks, traceability of performed jobs, operation history for assessment of repeatable errors, automatic reordering of spare parts and service tasks, and direct access to all maintenance data.


More advantages of maintenance management:

  • Financial overview of maintenance costs

  • Access to job card and other maintenance data via App on phone or tablet

  • Detailed operation analysis with automatic report generating

  • Only relevant data shown for the individual profession


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