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The name "Adding" is the English present form of "to add", and what we do is to add knowledge, value and resources. We consider ourselves as an extra value-adding resource that companies can use when they need experienced engineers to face a special challenge.


It may be a peak load or because it's not possible to recruit employees with the right skills. Maybe you do not want to employ, or you simply need fresh eyes on the task.

Add Engineering

Furthermore Adding is a contraction of the English "add" and the Danish "ingeniør" (engineer). It is an invitation to take advantage of what we do:


We add engineering work as a resource in a shorter or longer period of time in order to make a company even stronger.

Our setup is marked by the LEAN-thinking, and there is not used any resources on anything which doesn’t add value to our customers. Therefore, we are very competitive, and it will always be worth considering us to solve the task rather than to resolve it internally.

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