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External resources and specialists are often needed, when it comes to new-establishment or rebuilding, since the internal organization’s daily tasks are enough. This is where Adding comes into the picture, as our employees have long experience with energy plants within the following areas:

  • Boiler plants fired with solid fuel, dust, oil and/or gas

  • Heat exchangers

  • Heat pumps

  • Solar heating/power systems

  • Steam turbines

  • Cooling system


Adding knows about energy calculation and dimensioning of plants

Adding’s employees have extensive knowledge about energy calculations and dimensioning of different plants and can individually or in cooperation with the customer dimension the individual plants. This includes, e.g.:

  • Process-flow diagrams

  • Heat balance diagrams

  • Technical specification for the energy plant in question

  • Energy technical calculations – Determine requirements for performance

  • Heat loss calculations

Every energy plant are subjected to both national and international regulations, which is a natural part of our work. We know or check the rules and always work in accordance with the requirements and standards that the industry or the job requires.

We are independent and do not have to sell particular solutions or components, and therefore we always choose the best solution at the right price.


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