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Gas turbines and high-pressure boilers - Green conversion uses old-fashioned technology

At Adding Engineering, we have long said that the last high-pressure boiler was built in our part of the world. In the future, we would use our competences in high pressures and temperatures on, for example, the Methanol plants we are constructing for European Energy in Kassø and Skive, which will supply the enormous quantities of green e-methanol to Maersk's new fleet of methanol-powered container ships.

But it didn't quite work out that way anyway.

The requirement to reduce the emission of CO2 has had the consequence that the number of gas turbines installed on FPSOs, which are floating production facilities for oil/gas extraction, will be reduced.

The gas turbines drive electricity generators and have so far run "open cycle" and sent flue gas out to the birds at approx. 600 degrees. By installing heat recovery steam boilers after the gas turbines and then steam turbines with another electricity generator, it becomes a "Combined Cycle" plant, with significantly greater electricity production at the same gas consumption.

Design of plants such as Combined Cycle - plants with high-pressure steam boilers and gas turbines is the core competence of Adding Engineering's employees, both according to EN/PED and ASME standards.

One of our large foreign customers has noticed this and made an agreement with us for assistance with high end engineering on these plants. This part of the power module on an FPSO easily requires 40,000 engineering hours, of which fortunately we only have to supply our part.

Gas Turbine Combined Cycle.jpg

Typical Combined Cycle power plant

Facts about the project


+ Reduce the number of gas turbines installed on FPSOs

+ Reduce CO2 emissions

+ Installation of heat recovery steam boilers

+Design of plants such as Combined Cycle - plants with high-pressure steam boilers and gas turbines

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