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Adding’s employees have years of experience within optimization of products, processes and production systems, and know that no optimization tasks are similar. We will gladly take a tour through your production, to locate or discuss optimizations opportunities (Mangler reference link).

Adding optimizes products

We guide our customers in optimizing their products and product composition either through a Simplimize course, or through an examination of costly products. Often, small changes to the product design or material can lower the unit price or improve the product quality.

At Adding we can assist you with the design of your products, where our employees uses the most common CAD- and Electrical software programs, such as:


  • SolidWorks

  • Inventor

  • AutoCAD

  • PC Schematic


  • SEE Electrical


We can provide the necessary engineering calculations, and the technical documentation to achieve the optimal product.


Adding knows about the processes

Most companies has a great insight into their manufacturing processes, but lack knowledge about alternatives which might improve the product quality or prolong the lifetime of the manufacturing equipment. We contribute with our expertise to locate commercial solutions or assist with the design of new production machinery. Our skilled employees have long experience within specification, design, instrumentation and controls, so that your machines obtains the desired effect.

Adding keeps the overview

Many companies experience a big pressure on their production when receiving large orders that changes the production dynamic and creates new bottle necks. Addings has experience with such peak loads where we can advise regarding: production layout, structure of workstations, change of workflow, structured quality control, or whatever challenge you are experiencing.

We make our resources available to you and come up with a non-binding proposal.


Thanks for your message!

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