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In a “high salary” country like Denmark it is important to have a high degree of automation in every manufacturing company. Adding provides everything from project management of the entire automation contract to technician tasks with programming/controlling of individual components. Addings experience within a wide range of automation tasks includes:

  • PLC programming

  • Robot plants

  • Control and safety systems

  • Loop and logic diagrams

  • Commissioning


Adding knows that the possibilities within the area are many, and the choice between, robots, machines, utility tools, conveyers etc. are difficult. Adding helps to map the company’s needs and setup different proposals for improving the efficiency in their production. Based on these proposals the impact upon the economy, logistics and business structure can be calculated and the right decisions can be made.


Adding provides the tender basis and the mapping of the marked

When the decision is made, we make sure that the basis for a tender is proper and we search the marked to locate suitable suppliers. Maybe the local blacksmith is the best solution or even a supplier abroad. The selection phase can be very time demanding, but serious suppliers demand something from their customers, the time used for dialog with possible suppliers are often very rewarding in the end. Adding can also take care of this part of the process and until the complete solution is commissioned and start-up of the new production.

Adding is up-to-date with automation technology

Companies know their products, production, markets and customers which their daily focus are. Therefore, there is usually no time or resources to keep

up-to-date with the latest automation technology or go into depth with the large range of opportunities that the suppliers offer. Adding are able to maintain this task, so that you can focus on the daily operations in your company.

Independent partner

Adding’s employees have many years of experience with automation and especially robots, and we know the strengths and weaknesses of the different solutions.

A supplier always want to sell their product, but we are an independent partner who does not sell a particular solution. Regardless if your calculations shows that the production should not be changed, outsourced, automated or abandoned, then you will get a thoroughly considered and documented answer from us.


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