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Most companies make their CE-marking at the end of the project, which is often a problem since all the projects resources are already allocated elsewhere. Therefore, the CE-marking often ends up being a heavy peak load for individual employees or even worse, not being made. Adding recommends our customers to collect the necessary documentation for the technical dossier during the project, this way the CE-marking will be made correct and does not end up as a burden.

A CE-marking shows that a product complies with applicable safety requirements from relevant directives and harmonized standards. To this, a risk assessment of the finished product must be carried out in order to locate and minimize possible remaining risks. The marking acts as the company’s defense in the event of an accident with the product and it is a requirement if the product is to be marketed within EU.

Every product has different safety requirements and may be subject to several directives.  A small sample of directives are listed beneath:

  • Machinery directive

  • Low voltage directive

  • ATEX directive

  • Pressure equipment directive (PED)


Adding guides you through the process

At Adding we adapt to your needs, where we can act as a sparring partner from project start or just perform the risk assessment of the final product according to DS/EN ISO 12100. Our experience using the relevant directives and harmonized standards, makes the process more effective and rewarding for our customers.

Adding is the extra hand

Addings years of experience with CE-marking of large power plant benefit our customers, when we CE-mark your product. We make sure that you have the correct and proper amount of documentation, that proves the product complies with legal requirements.

​Working environment coordinates "B" at Biogas plant in North Jutland

The project concerns an existing biogas plant, where they establish an upgrading plant that converts the gas into liquid form at a temperature of approx. minus 160°C and under light pressure.


The liquefied gas is then picked up by a German company, which transports it to Northern Germany, where it is used as fuel for the trucks. The reason why the gas is not used here in Denmark is purely tax related.


Adding Engineering has been responsible for preparing all the necessary documentation, including Plan for Safety & Health (PSS) and rounding plan as well as other relevant material. Since then, Adding Engineering has carried out regular safety rounds and held safety meetings every 14 days. and thereby ensured that all work is carried out safely and in accordance with applicable regulations.

01Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator.jpg

Instrument specification on Power-to-X (P2X) E-methanol plant in Southern Denmark

The project is part of the customer's strategy to create more sustainable energy solutions in Denmark and in the long term in Europe. The P2X project involves the production of green hydrogen and, in the same plant, the use of this for the production of E-methanol. As part of the project, instruments must be specified for the entire plant, both to ensure sufficient monitoring of the plant, but also in relation to regulation and operation of the plant as well as alarm and shutdown of the entire plant.


Adding Engineering has contributed with competences that have specified and quality-assured the choice of instruments for both pressure, temperature, level, flow measurement, etc. In connection with instrument specification, it is absolutely essential that you deal with materials, media, pressure, temperature, flow conditions, electrical supply, any bus-systems, alarm and trip limits, ATEX requirements, calibration requirements and -certificates, installation conditions and much more. This is to ensure the proper functioning of the instrument and that it complies with applicable requirements.

Adding Engineering has extensive experience with general specification and selection of instruments for energy and process plants.

02Instrument-specification på Power-to-X.jpg

Valve specification on Power-to-X (P2X) hydrogen plant in Southwest Denmark

Our customer is in the engineering phase regarding the construction of a hydrogen plant in the south-western part of Denmark.  The facility must utilize wind turbine power for the production of hydrogen, oxygen and excess heat. The hydrogen can be used directly as a fuel in the transport sector or can be further refined in other plants to e.g. E-methanol or ammonia. The excess heat from the process can be used in the district heating network to heat households.


As part of the project, valves must be specified for the entire plant, both to ensure the function and safety during operation of the plant, and to ensure the correct service conditions during the life of the plant.

Adding Engineering contributes with competences that specify and quality-assure the selection of valves for both manual operation, on-off control, control valves for the process control loop, service valves in connection with venting, drainage and shut-off during service, as well as safety valves that protect the plant's parts against overpressure, in the event of operating errors. When specifying valves, it is absolutely essential that media, materials, pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow conditions, running times, risk of flashing that can reduce service life, noise conditions, electrical supply, possible air supply, possible bus systems, ATEX requirements, calibration requirements, certificates, pressure testing requirements, installation conditions and much more. Adding Engineering has extensive and long experience with general specification and selection of technical components for energy and process plants that operate at high pressures, temperatures, in ATEX areas, etc.

03Valve specification on Power-to-X .jpg

Electrical construction at a manufacturer of robot solutions 

Our customer, located in North Jutland, are experts in the development of scalable robot solutions for companies at home and abroad.  The company supplies i.a. advanced solutions for Pharma, where high hygiene and high operational reliability are keywords. Our customer's goal is to deliver solutions that create flexibility, security and joy in everyday life.

Adding Engineering contributes with electrical construction in PC SCHEMATIC as well as construction of pneumatic solutions. The tasks are extremely diverse and can be the implementation of ongoing projects or projects that start right from the idea phase. The latter involves defining concepts in areas such as electricity, electronics, pneumatics and plant construction; all the time with respect for service friendliness.


Site management at the heat pump plant in Kalundborg

Our customer is in the process of building a large heat pump plant in Kalundborg. The plant will utilize the surplus heat from production and supply the city's inhabitants with green district heating.

Adding Engineering, in close cooperation with our customer, takes care of the site management task. Adding Engineering must thus contribute to ensuring that schedules and the day-to-day project administration, including coordination of necessary work between contractors, take place as seamlessly as possible and that the tasks are carried out at the right time and in the right quality. We also assist with quality assurance of the pipe installation on site. The complete pipe package must of course be CE marked and, in this connection, Adding Engineering has an experienced welding coordinator on site who helps to ensure that the construction is carried out in accordance with applicable norms and standards.

Modularization & Product development

An exciting collaboration has been carried out between DI (Danish Industry) and NEM CfM (North European Modularization Network – Center for Modularisation) with a focus on modularisation and product development.

It is IF (Industriens Fond) that has supported this project, as it will give Danish companies valuable input on how they can improve their processes through modularisation. It is important to improve production and product development in order to achieve greater efficiency and competitiveness in the industry.

Adding Engineering's expertise in manufacturing and product development and knowledge of Simplimize have been used to produce a comprehensive report with proposals for activities within sales, production and HR.

Overall, it seems that this collaboration could be an important step in spreading the knowledge and use of modularization in industry and benefit Danish companies in their efforts to improve their production and product development.


Implementation of MS Project Online (PWA)

A customer in North Jutland needed a solution made that could make their internal projects visible across the organization and that could be used as a planning tool and resource management. The solution had to be able to handle both new plant constructions but also overhaul projects and replacements of existing equipment.

Adding Engineering's role was, among other things, choosing a platform that could handle the above, as well as ensuring that a test environment was developed to test drive the solution. In addition, course material had to be prepared to train supervisors and planners, conduct training sessions, prepare master projects to handle the various project cases and ensure that effective reporting was created, which gave an overview of schedules, resources and overallocation of resources across the organization.

Project Planner på Power to X.png

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