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Most companies make their CE-marking at the end of the project, which is often a problem since all the projects resources are already allocated elsewhere. Therefore, the CE-marking often ends up being a heavy peak load for individual employees or even worse, not being made. Adding recommends our customers to collect the necessary documentation for the technical dossier during the project, this way the CE-marking will be made correct and does not end up as a burden.

A CE-marking shows that a product complies with applicable safety requirements from relevant directives and harmonized standards. To this, a risk assessment of the finished product must be carried out in order to locate and minimize possible remaining risks. The marking acts as the company’s defense in the event of an accident with the product and it is a requirement if the product is to be marketed within EU.

Every product has different safety requirements and may be subject to several directives.  A small sample of directives are listed beneath:

  • Machinery directive

  • Low voltage directive

  • ATEX directive

  • Pressure equipment directive (PED)


Adding guides you through the process

At Adding we adapt to your needs, where we can act as a sparring partner from project start or just perform the risk assessment of the final product according to DS/EN ISO 12100. Our experience using the relevant directives and harmonized standards, makes the process more effective and rewarding for our customers.

Adding is the extra hand

Addings years of experience with CE-marking of large power plant benefit our customers, when we CE-mark your product. We make sure that you have the correct and proper amount of documentation, that proves the product complies with legal requirements.

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